2014 -2015 Pet of the Month Winners





February 2015

Willie Griffith 

Willie is a Sheltie/American Eskimo mix. His family adopted him as a puppy in 2007. Willie is a very good dog, some what obeys. He loves to sit by the back door and watch for movement outside, when he spots something he will run through the house barking, which can be very startling if you are not expecting it. Willie  loves when his family goes places, because he gets a milk bone, he loves treats of any kind. Willie can be left alone for several hours with out any accidents in the house. When his family returns home he greats them at the door with his tail wagging, from his excitement . Willie is a very content dog, who is most happy when he is getting a good rub down or a back massage. Willie is very loved and spoiled by his family.







March 2014

Bella Stevens


April 2014

 Maggie Rodewald



             May 2014

Rosie Kieber

Rosie Kieber.JPG?1412260291530



              June 2014  

 Kimmie Kisses Kinder

Kimmie Kisses Kinder.JPG?1412260291640


July 2014

Addie Rose Black

Addie Rose and Flag.jpg?1412260291738


August 2014

Moose Tighe

moose tighe.PNG?1412260291796





September 2014


Sophie Yoho

Sophie Yoho.JPG?1412260291473





October 2014

Charlie Smith

Charlie Smith.jpg?1422972068322



November 2014

 Marli Rost 

Marli Rost.jpeg?1422972068425



December 2014

Ruby Salanski



January 2015

Coco Estes

coco estes.JPG?1422972068194